Ab Ripper XI bought P90X in late 2006, and started it for the first time in early 2007.  It was TOUGH, but one thing I remember most was how hard the P90X Ab Ripper X (ARX for short) routine was.  At the time, I was going through this life changing experience with over 100 other people.  We had gotten together on the Beachbody message boards and agreed to hold each other accountable.

When I started having trouble making it though ARX, I asked others “Wow…how are you getting through the whole thing”?  I had the advantage of MANY other people going through the same experience, and got many tips.

On February 1, 2010, I started a round of P90X after doing some other Beachbody programs during 2009.   As I was doing Ab Ripper X this morning, all of those tips kept flooding back into my mind.  Thank goodness!  I’m much better now than I was in 2007 when I first did it, but YOWZA…I needed help!  :-)

So, it seemed appropriate to blog about this so that I could share the tips with others out there who may be  struggling.  Remember, the struggle will make you stronger, but here are some tips to help you through so that you keep showing up!

  • The number one tip that helped me the most was “remove your sneakers”.  Just that little bit of weight will make a big difference.
  • Keep the remote next to you and press “pause” if you need to.
  • Even if you don’t pause the DVD, you can still take breaks.  For example, last week I set a goal to do 15 oblique V-ups per side (Tony and the kids do 25).  I do these with good form.  Your goal may only be 10…or 5 in the first week.  This morning I had a goal for 20 oblique V-ups per side.  I only made it to 18.  That’s okay.  I’ll continue to set my goal at 20 this week, and when I’m doing that easily, I’ll shoot for the whole 25!
  • On any of the exercises where I am on my back, I lace my fingers behind my back, and place my hands beneath my butt.  This helps me to keep my lower back pressed into the floor and takes the pressure off of my lower back.
  • Those mason twists at the end are KILLER, aren’t they?  If you notice, Tony and the kids have their feet off of the ground.  Start with your feet on the ground, and just do the twisting motion.  When you feel like you’re ready for more, do 10 with your feet off of the ground, and then place them on the ground for the remainder.  Keep extending that until you can do all 50 with your feet off of the ground.

Those are the tips that got me through last week!  As I progress towards my day 90, I’ll need them less and less!  :-)

Do YOU have any tips on getting through P90X Ab Ripper X?  PLEASE leave a comment on here and share them with us!


P.S.  I’m not a personal trainer, so it’s important to know that these tips are only through my own personal experience as an “X”er!

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