“I HATE pushups!”

That was me several years ago before I saw the light!  It turns out that pushups are good for me!  Who knew?  ;-)   They work the muscles in my chest, shoulders, arms, upper back, AND my core…all at the same time.  Plus, since so many muscle groups are getting involved, my heart rate goes up.

I did my first round of P90X back in 2007. That summer, I went to my first Tony Horton Fitness camp in New York.  It was a BLAST (and the subject for another blog post some day), but that was the first time I got to try the pushup stands that TONY himself designed.  He called them “PowerStands”, and I never saw anything like them.  Unlike all of the push up stands I’ve seen before, these were strong, well made, heavily cushioned at the hand grip, and looked like they wouldn’t tip over if you were doing wide pushups.

P90X PowerStands Pushup Bars

They weren’t available for sale at the time, so I went on with my pushups with my hands on the floor.  I improved quite a bit, but then one day felt a twinge in my left wrist.  Afterwards, my pinkie and ring fingers in that hand were a little “tingly” feeling.  I laid off of the pushups for a while until things started feeling back to normal.

By this time, I saw that the PowerStands were available, so I ordered a pair.  Now, I rarely do a pushup without them.  I mentioned what happened to my wrist to my doctor, and I explained to him how I was now only doing pushups with my PowerStands, and I hadn’t seen any problems with my wrist.

I was REALLY hoping he wouldn’t say “Don’t do pushups anymore”.  HUH?  Did I just think that?  I used to HATE pushups!!!

It’s amazing how you can change your mind about something that you dislike once you see the benefit AND you have the proper tool.  For me, that proper tool was Tony Horton’s PowerStands.  Honestly, I couldn’t get through P90X without them!


P.S.  I just started a new round of P90X.  I was astounded to see that my first fit test showed that I could do 7 pushups on my toes.  I remember how proud I was that I could do 7 whole pushups on my toes.  How many did I do on THIS fit test?  32…and yes…ON MY TOES!!  Whoo hoo!  :-)   P90X works!

If you have wrist issues, it’s best to talk to your doctor (just like I did)!  Really, you should talk to your doctor before beginning any exercise program.  Exercise is GREAT for most people, but you need to make sure your body is ready.  Please!  Talk to your doctor!  That’s what he/she is there for!  :-)

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